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There's a long standing debate in the web design community over the use of stock imagery on websites. Opponents argue that stock photos are overused and noticeably staged, while supporters reason that not every business can afford the original high-quality photos that the web economy demands.

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We're frequently asked by clients, "How often should I redesign my website?" As experts in the industry, we get the impression they are looking for us to give them a golden rule for the number of years a website should last. In truth, however, some websites may need to be redesigned only a year after going live, and others will make it nearly a decade and still serve their organization well.

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Lately, I've noticed what seems to be a growing trend on several large e-commerce websites: They offer you a discount for providing them with your email or a joining their mailing list... but they don't deliver on the discount until 2-7 days after the fact. While this is annoying to the consumer, in my opinion, it's also detrimental to sales. Here's why:

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This post was written by our Creative Director, Ben Shepard.

As someone who has sat on both sides of the table it is brutally apparent that the relationship between creatives and their clients is stressful for both parties.  Perhaps you're familiar with some of the pains that can arise from either camp, or worse, you've been burned through a bad experience already.  This is unfortunate since all it usually takes to avoid calamity is better communication and a little education.

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This post was written by our Director of Operations, Dan Fritz.

Building a website from scratch is not a "process". A process is a series of repeatable tasks that produce a predictable result, like building a Big Mac. No matter how many times the sandwich is made and no matter who makes it or where, as long as the process is followed, the result will be exactly as expected.

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