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Choosing a Content Management System can be as difficult of a decision to make as a design for a new website. Fortunately, help is available!

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Sure, it may not be a part of your job description and you've gotten along just fine for years without touching any code. What would you even use it for if you did learn a programming language? For marketeres though, there are some great benefits to even learning just a little bit of basic code. Don't believe us? Read on to learn all our tips. 

There's no shortage of alternative options to Google Adwords or Display ads for advertising your brand online. In this post, we explore those options at a high-level.

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Learn about why RSS Feeds, XML Sitemaps and HTML Sitemaps are important for optimizing your website for search engines.

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Do you use an RSS Feed aggregator like Feedly? Well, today you're in luck!

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Where do people go when they leave your website site? A visitor can "bounce" from your site in many different ways: by selecting a link to a page on a different site, clicking the "back" button in the web browser to leave your site, closing an open window or tab, typing in a new URL, or experiencing a session timeout.

A few years back, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decided to open up the top-level domain registry to include branded domain extensions. With over 400 newly approved options, and thousands more on the way, business owners can now own their web address of choice with a .photography, .guru, or .lawyer extension should the coveted .com already be taken. But is it worth it?

Getting visitors to choose your site over the competition's is no easy feat, so why wouldn't you try your hardest to keep their attention once they've arrived? However, even the most well-intentioned people make mistakes. In order to prevent you from accidentally upping your bounce rate, we've put together a list of some of the most common mistakes to avoid when creating and updating your web presence.

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In case you haven't heard, Facebook announced that they will eliminate like-gating for Facebook pages on Nov. 5. Read on to learn more about this, and a few other changes to the social platform.

Have you ever felt the need to check your website's performance while you are away from your desk? Well, you're in luck! As of today, both Android and iPhone users may now access their data through the official Google Analytics App.

There's a long standing debate in the web design community over the use of stock imagery on websites. Opponents argue that stock photos are overused and noticeably staged, while supporters reason that not every business can afford the original high-quality photos that the web economy demands.

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There's no doubt about it, writing strong, relevant content for your website is difficult, and writing content that is strong, relevant, and helps your site rank higher in search is even harder. Which is why so many people outsource that task to professionals like us. However, we understand not everyone can (or wants to) pass off the task of creating original content for their site. This is why we came up with this helpful checklist to help you optimize your content for your website.

We're frequently asked by clients, "How often should I redesign my website?" As experts in the industry, we get the impression they are looking for us to give them a golden rule for the number of years a website should last. In truth, however, some websites may need to be redesigned only a year after going live, and others will make it nearly a decade and still serve their organization well.

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If you've been keeping up on your national tech news, then you've probably heard about the most recent security vulnerability that's making headlines: the Heartbleed bug. The bug preys on a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL software library, allowing information that is normally protected through secure encryption to be accessed by outside parties. The vulnerable data includes private information that users enter into websites, applications, web email, and even instant messages.

The Google algorithm changes over the last few years have made many a business owner throw up his or her hands in despair. Just when you thought you'd mastered the science of ranking well in search engine results and drawing visitors to your website, the rules changed. It sometimes feels like you have to start all over again after one of these updates. Although these changes may seem overwhelming, savvy web marketers know that if you understand the history and trends, you are better able to anticipate where the future of search engine marketing is heading.

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Lately, I've noticed what seems to be a growing trend on several large e-commerce websites: They offer you a discount for providing them with your email or a joining their mailing list... but they don't deliver on the discount until 2-7 days after the fact. While this is annoying to the consumer, in my opinion, it's also detrimental to sales. Here's why:

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Everyone has jumped on the social media bandwagon and with all the recent updates, many companies are left scrambling how to drive engagement. It's easy if you're a retailer but what if you're marketing B2B? We have some tips to make sure your posts are getting in front of the right audience. 

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A few weeks ago, I (Kelli) decided to poll the rest of the office to see what tech toys were on the top of their holiday wishlists. Although nothing mentioned was too out of the ordinary, I was really excited to learn about the Fuji Instax Mini - it sounds pretty stinkin' awesome. It's also worth noting that the new iPad was the clear winner with 5 votes (or about a quarter of the office).

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It seems like every other week I come across a case study about how another company was blacklisted by Google because of bad links and how they fixed it. I always end up thinking the same thing, "While it's great to know how to get your site out of organic search exile, wouldn't it be better to never find yourself in that position in the first place?" So with that in mind, I've put together a few tips on how to proactively manage your link profile. 

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As many of you may know, 360 PSG's websites are built on the Fission Web System, our very own CMS that has been the cornerstone of our company since its development. It is a very powerful tool, with many features and functions that do anything from publish content, to receive resumes, and sell products online. However, while we love Fission and everything that it's capable of, we understand that not everyone needs (or even wants) that much functionality.